Leathercraft Book Leather Bilfolds 300 OR MORE KINDS OF LONG WALLETS ARE MADE

Create a vast array of wallets using the modular designs contained within this outstanding Japanese leathercraft book, you will be able to assemble up to 300 different possible leather wallets using the designs within.

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This incredible Japanese leathercraft book will help you to make up to 300 different leather wallets using a combination of the modular designs within. Simply assemble the modular components (pockets, coin cases, covers, straps, etc) within to create your own wallet design.

Each modular section and its construction into a wallet is fully detailed in step-by-step pictorial guides, with detailed plans to ensure the professionally crafted designs can be completed without understanding Japanese.

Please note, this book does not contain 300 separate designs, but rather modular designs that, when combine, are able to produce 300 different possible combinations of wallets.

Table of Contents

  1. Making of body parts
  2. Making of coin case
  3. Making of card case
  4. Making of billfold
  5. Assembling

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