Craft Sha 24mm Traditional Japanese Leathercraft Skiver & Utility Leather Knife

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Having a sharp, reliable blade dramatically increases the quality of your skiving. This 24mm Japanese traditional skiving knife is a very versatile tools used not only to skive but to cut leather patterns, cut square ends and to make fine delicate cuts.

This knife is handmade in Japan from high quality white steel, known for having very few impurities, giving you a sharp blade that will last for a long time. The blade comes carefully hand sharpened to a high reflective polish. The blade handle is set in a beautiful Japanese white oak that’s build to remain sturdy even after years of use.

Cutting : Place your leather onto a quality purpose made cutting mat, then insert the appropriate corner of the blade into your leather and pull the knife towards you, twisting the blade in the direction you wish to cut.

Skiving : Place your leather flesh side up with the edge you wish to skive facing away from you on a hard surface. Hold the knife with the bevel facing upwards and the edge of the blade facing in the same direction of the edge of the leather, or at a slight angle as preferred; cut your leather outwards or across from where you would like the skive to begin straight through to the edge of the leather.

Width of blade : 24 mm  

Made in Japan

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