I'mD RETTO Bodysoap Bath Dispenser White Body Soap Pump 800ml

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This excellent, synthetic soap dispenser is great to use with your favourite soap or body soap. Use it in the bathroom, sink or kitchen.

Holds a generous 800ml of liquid and is easily opened with a single twist, exposing a generous opening so you won't spill any liquid soap when refilling.

Quality made in Japan, you won't risk buying a dud with this soap dispenser pump. Designed to deliver the right amount of soap at the correct angle, the generously sized pump lever won't require excessive pumps or allow the soap to squirt off in any angle but into your hand. Comes with volume gauge, so you'll know at a glance how much you have left.

Reduce your ecological impact and save money by buying refill packs instead of whole dispensers each time that deliver inaccurate results and have a much smaller capacity.

Please note the purchase price is for the Bodysoap Dispenser only. Matching Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser pump sold separately as a set or individually.

Approximate dimensions:
Height 23cm x width 8cm x depth 8.6cm

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