Craft Sha Leathercraft Water Resistant Acrylic Resin Leather Lacquer Gloss 100ml

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You're looking at 100ml (3.4 fl oz.) of acrylic resin Leather Lacquer, designed to make leather craft water resistant and give it a tough, handsome protective gloss coat.

Excellent for treating leather that will be out in the elements. Unlike other finishes, this lacquer is versatile enough to be used on the grain AND flesh side of leather. This lacquer gives a gloss finish.

Simply apply to your leather with a soft bristle brush or piece of clean, lint-free cloth in a circular motion, applying multiple coats. Designed for untreated vegetable tanned leather, this lacquer will not work on factory finished leather products, waterproofed leather, lacquered leather, oil leather or chrome tanned leather.

Shake well before use.

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