Seiwa Leathercraft Colour Dye Binder Acrylic Primer Fastening Agent 500ml

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You're looking at 500ml (17 fluid ounces) of Seiwa water based, colour binder.

This leather foundation infuses your dye with an acrylic binder that ensures that dyes will not fade and hold firm to your leather. As well it will transform the surface of your leather in such a way as to optimise it in preparation for application of lacquer, ensuring your lacquer will not crack or peel off. It also helps evenly distributes your dye preventing streaking or swirling from original dye application.

Simply brush onto your leather and leave to dry, after you have dyed and dried your leather. Be sure to lacquer your leatherwork after application for a quality finish you can see and long lasting durability.

Ensure your dyes and lacquer stay on your leather without peeling or fading with this leathercraft acrylic binder, like a paint primer, it will ensure a surface that will hold your lacquer and dyes in place, it will also help even out and smooth the consistency of your dyeing.

Designed for untreated vegetable tanned leather, this foundation binder will not work on factory finished leather products, waterproofed leather, lacquered leather, oil leather or chrome tanned leather.

Available in 500ml and 100ml bottles.

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