Mitsubishi PMC Pro Precious Metal Clay Silver 50g Art Clay 45g Silver Weight

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You're looking at 50 grams of Precious Metal Clay Pro (45g Silver weight) that becomes silver at 760 degrees centigrade with 10% shrinkage when sintered in activated carbon.

PMC pro is a very strong grade of PMC silver clay alloy that is 90% silver and 10% copper with among the lowest shrinkage rate out there. Silver clay is pure silver suspended in a clay binder, when heated under flame the clay is simply burnt away, leaving pure silver in the shape it was moulded in prior to firing. Limiting your creation only by your imagination.

PMC Pro is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Materials.

Please note, you must fire PMC Pro in a bed of activated carbon to ensure it will sinter properly. Only mix with PMC Pro.

Comes in an air-tight resealable container. Detailed English instructions in the pack.

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