Mitsubishi PMC Sheet Precious Metal Clay Silver Art Clay 5g, 6cm x 6cm

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You're looking at 5 grams of Precious Metal Clay Sheet, made from PMC+, that will turn to silver at when fired. Great for making shapes like silver origami, or twisted silver giving it a wrought metal effect.

You can cut PMC Sheet with scissors or a razor, or tear it to achieve a ragged edge. You can even draw pencil lines to determine the shape you want. Join elements by using PMC paste like glue. To make a thicker sheet, moisten two pieces lightly with clean water, press the sheets firmly together and set a weight on top until the joint seals. PMC Sheet has the same shrinkage and firing specification as other versions of PMC+, but remember to adjust for the different rates of shrinkage during firing.

10 minutes at 900 degrees Celsius,
20 minutes at 850 degrees Celsius,
30 minutes at 800 degrees Celsius.

PMC can be fired in any kiln that will hold the correct temperature for the required time. A small programmable kiln is ideal.

PMC Sheet is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Materials.

Please note, instructions are in Japanese, please refer to the instructions above when using.

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