PMC Flex 5.6g Mitsubishi Precious Metal Clay Silver Art Clay, 5g Silver Weight

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You're looking at 5.6 grams of Precious Metal Clay Flex that becomes pure (99.9%) silver after firing at 700~600 degrees centigrade with 10~18% shrinkage.

PMC Flex uses a special organic binder that has amazing properties making this silver clay more flexible and pliable than other types. Less brittle and possessing more plasticity, allowing it to be moulded like no other, PMC Flex also retains moisture longer than other PMC types, reducing the chance of your clay cracking or crumbling while moulding. PMC Flex can be sintered with a butane torch or other low heat methods. Additionally PMC Flex can retain a degree of flexibility after being dried, reducing the chance of breakage.

PMC Flex is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Materials.

Comes in an air-tight resealable container. Instructions are in Japanese, translated English instructions below:


Product instructions for PMC Flex

1. Features

  • Compared to traditional types of PMC, PMC Flex is superior in moisture-retaining, making it softer and easier for users to mould or design creations in more detail. Taking longer to become dry makes it easier to mould.
  • Moreover, it peels better and sticks less to your hands, reducing the chances of the shape getting altered by mishandling when peeling it off a thin sheet or removing it from a small mould.
  • You can produce rings or jewellery easily as you can mould this material into a sheet or a string as thin as 3mm in thickness, and while leaving it dry, it will remain flexible even after you spend a while fashioning it.

2. Usage

(1) How to shape

  • To prevent the clay from becoming dry it is recommended to decide what you would like to design before opening the package.
  • Once you decide what to make, take out the clay from the package, then, mould into whatever shape you like.
  • Enjoy designing your own style by using moulding patterns or stamps you have.
  • When making a ring-style shape, cut the material into a sheet or wire shape first and design the surface. If you wait long enough to get the material dry, you may bend it without damaging your design surface. There is a pellet for rings (sold separately), which allows you to shape the wire into a ring by putting it around the pellet.
  • Keep in mind that the items made with PMC Flex will shrink after firing by 10-18%.
  • Use artificial gem or silver line (950 silver, pure silver) during your design time.

(2) How to dry

  • If you leave PMC Flex at room temperature after finishing your design, it gets harder while keeping some flexibility. If it is thin enough, you will be able to bend and flex it.
  • To make it even more dry and harder, you will need to light fire your PMC Flex. Light firing is recommended if you need to polish the surface or need to maintain a curved shape without it flexing or bending. If your work weighs 10g with less than 3mm thickness, fire it at 150 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. Refer to following chart:


Tools Condition Temp Time
Hot plate Put your work on top of the Ceramic board which has 4mm thickness. 180C 20 min
Oven Toaster Put it on Ceramic mat of 0.6mm thickness 120C 20 min
PMC Starter Kit Put it on Ceramic mat of 0.6mm thickness and place it on the net, use candle to heat N/A 20 min


  • Make sure to put your work on a ceramic sheet because letting the work directly touching the net or plate may result in it ending up with an unwanted shape.
  • Avoid heating a thick item quickly as it could cause unwanted bulging.
  • While heated to dry, there may be white smoke coming out from the PMC Flex.
  • Be careful. The item will get very hot during and after light firing.
  • At room temperature (20C, humidity 55%), you will need more than 2 days to get PMC Flex around 10g in weight and 3mm in thickness dry without light firing.

(3) Firing method

  • Using a temperature adjustable electric kiln, fire PMC Flex at 700C for 10 min, 650C 20 min, or 600C 30 minutes.
  • These are minimum values. You may increase temperature or leaving it longer (max 900C).
  • Simple firing is possible if you use PMC-specific firing kiln, such as a ceramic or stove top kiln.
  • After firing with the organic binder burnt off, PMC Flex becomes pure silver (99.9%).
  • When your item is thicker than 1cm, do not raise temperature quickly.
  • For thinner items, you may not sustain sufficient firmness even after firing. Therefore, in this case avoid short firing, and try firing longer.
  • Some gas may be produced during firing while the binder is being burned. Though it is not harmful to humans, make sure to avoid inhaling the fumes and keep good air circulation going in the room.
  • After firing, make sure to leave your item inside the furnace until it cools down before you take it out to avoid injury or damage to property.

(4) How to process after drying

  • There will be a white film on the surface of your fired PMC Flex, this is normal.
  • To remove this white film, polish your item with a metal brush, paper sand, or use a suitable jewellery polishing machine.

(5) How to store

  • Once removed from its packaging PMC Flex should be used as soon as possible, however, it can be stored up to 2 to 3 months provided it is in a sealed container.
  • Light exposure may darken the surface of the silver clay, but this is not a sign of degradation.
  • Left over PMC Flex should be wrapped in a sheet of plastic film and sealed to reduce air exposure.
  • When you find PMC Flex has hardened, add 2-3 drops of water, then, wrap it with the plastic film, wait for 1-2 hours, then knead it to soften.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, and store at room temperature. Do not store in a refrigerate.

3. Caution

  1. Stop using immediately if you feel itchy or skin irritation and consult with a doctor as you may be allergic to this type of material.
  2. Do not let contact your eyes touch or swallow it.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. Wash your hands well after used.
  5. Follow all the instructions provided above, and do not use it for any other purpose.


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