PMC3 Mitsubishi Precious Metal Clay 27.8g Silver Art Clay Pack 25g Silver Weight

This pack of Precious Metal Clay 3 (PMC3) becomes silver at 900 degrees Celsius with only a 12% shrinkage rate after sintering. This silver clay is the highest grade of PMC silver clay available from Mitsubishi Materials.

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This pack of 27.8 grams of PMC3 silver art clay from Japan has a soft feel that makes it easy to manage and suitable for jewelry silver crafts. With this precious metal clay, you can even use your hands and simple household items to mold the clay to whichever form or design you want. With its fine texture, you can custom-fit trinkets and other precious items like rings, pendants, etc. without any worries. Plus, it can be dried up with a torch or a small kiln.

It has a shrinkage of about 10% to 15% just like the other versions of Precious Metal Clay.

Before using the clay, apply a thin layer of olive oil to your hands. Also, maintain a distance from the hot lamps as you work to prevent it from drying out fast. A few drops of water can be added upon completing your silver art creations. You may also pack the excess clay in plastic, so you can reuse it for the next session. To smoothen surfaces and lock joints, water can be used, but be careful not to add so much. A hair blower, lamp, or warming tray can be used to speed initial drying.

This product can be sintered based on the firing conditions below.

Temperature (°F)Temperature (°C)Time
1290°F700°C10 mins.
1200°F650°C20 mins.
1110°F600°C30 mins.

Note: Always wash hands after using the product. Do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

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