Heat Softened Molding Rubber for Moulds or Charms

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This amazing 12 colour set of 24 individual pieces of heat softened rubber tablets are great for creating long lasting decorative charms or silver clay moulds. Each rubber tablet is flexible yet hard when at room temperature (roughly comparable in texture to PVC floor tiles, but thicker) and measures 60mm x 15mm x 7mm.

Simply place in a body of water that is 80 Celsius or higher for a few minutes, remove with tweezers or tongs and, when cool enough to handle, but still pliable, mould to the shape you desire. Should the rubber tablet harden before you achieve the shape you desire, simply repeat the steps above. Once the tablet has cooled it will retain it's shape indefinitely.

Please note that these tablets are a choking hazard and are not suitable for small children.

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