PMC Pro Silver Clay Firing Vessel Ceramic Sinter Pan 70x98x38mm Tray

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This ceramic firing tray is excellent for firing bronze clay, copper clay, PMC PRO and Accent Silver in a bed of activated carbon.

Simply place 10mm of activated carbon in the tray, place your dried PMC creations on top of the carbon and pour more carbon on top of your artwork covering it completely without the carbon piling higher than the rim of the tray. Seal the top with an appropriate foil or lid and you're ready for sintering, please follow the instructions that can with your PMC to determine the best temperature.

In time ash deposits will build up on activated carbon every two to three firings, to clean simply pour the activated carbon from one container to another, from a height of a few centimetres, two or three times and let the air carry away the dust. Best when done outside.

This tray is able to withstand temperatures up to 1250 degrees Celsius.

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