Silver Art Clay Jewelry Mold Silicone x3 Cross Feather Pendant Mould 1g PMC Each

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This is a silicone mould for making PMC art clay jewellery (actual silver jewellery shown for illustration only, not included with listing). Create your own jewellery for fun or profit! Designed for silver or gold clay. Best when used with Mitsubishi PMC3, PMC+ and PMC Flex.

Each charm requires 1 gram of Precious Metal Clay each. The small charm measures 10mm x 17mm, the cross measures 11mm x 19mm and the feather 6mm x 26mm.

Simply lubricate the mould with PMC lubricant, place your silver of gold clay into the mould, remove when dry and fire in a ceramic mini kiln or stove top kiln (each sold separately). Please note this mould is not suitable for molten silver and can only be used with metal clay.

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