Aozora BABY COLOR Crayon Set Assort 6 Colours AP Safety Certified Made in Japan

These safe crayons are great for children and adults alike. Comes in an assortment of standard and pastel colours.

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For the first time artists. Learn while having fun.

The curved surface of the babycolour crayon is an easy fit for a child's hands. Allows younger children to express their creativity and draw without using sharp objects such as a pencil or a pen. The shape and design enhances the sensitivity towards colors in the drawing. The hollow shape also allows the child to learn about colours through playing with the stackable crayons.

The colours included are yellow, green, black, blue, orange and red.

Product size : W3.2 x H5.4cm

AP Certified. The AP mark is a mark given to products that pass the safety standards of American art supplies. Heavy metals, carcinogens, such as skin irritation has been tested. Don't risk your child's safety with uncertified crayons, get these quality, Japanese made crayons today.

For Ages 2+

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