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Aozora 12 Color Stationery Mechanical Pencil Crayon Assorted Set, with Basic, Fluorescent, & Pastel Tones, for Coloring

Draw in fine details with these mechanical crayon pencils, The crayon core is 2mm thick and does not widen with use like other crayons.

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These outstanding mechanical crayon pencils come with tips at just 2 mm thickness, that remains consistent in thickness as you draw. The pencil tip is so fine you can draw fine lines and details with ease. The Pencil Crayon ranges from basic colors to fluorescent and pastel tones to cover a wide range of expression.

To extend or shorten the crayon, simply turn the cap at the base of the Pencil Crayon.

Comes in the following colours: Peach, red, purple, black, brown, sky blue, blue, lime green, green, yellow, pink, orange.

The length of the crayon core is about 13.7cm and is 2mm in diameter. Product size: ø9 x H163mm

Item ID 19675
Condition New
Manufacturer Aozora
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 150 g