Aozora White Wings Flying Aircraft Kit Racer Skycub IV Paper Model Glider Japan

A great way to enjoy the outdoors, with a flying model glider. Affordable, yet of excellent quality, this model aircaft will give you many afternoons of enjoyment.

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This high quality, compact, Japanese made, paper and wood glider, is a great and fun way to enjoy the majesty of flight at an affordable price. Made from quality materials and expertly designed, this fully functioning model glider will offer many days of enjoyment.

Great as an educational gift to explain the wonders of aerodynamics with a practical and fun demonstration as well as the challenge and sense of accomplishment in assembling it yourself.

This kit comes with easy to follow pictorial Japanese instructions and elastic catapult for fast takeoff.


  • Wingspan: 166mm
  • Fuselage: 230mm
  • Height: 53mm
  • Weight: 7.0g

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