Keystone Favori Blue Denim Go Out Cyle Cotton Shopping Multi-Purpose Tote Bag

All you need is your bike and this tote to put around town and get your shopping done fast! Ride on right now!

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This denim-colored tote bag is ideal for many different uses. It's incredibly handy to have around when you need to do some shopping or carry a variety of things across town - such as snacks, stationary or other supplies. The bag is amazingly light and easy to hold.

Made from cotton, this bag will take your possessions from point A to point B with ease. Simply throw it on your shoulder or tuck it away nicely in your bicycle basket and you are ready to ride on right now! Denim products are all the rage in Japan right now, so dive right in with this trendy tote. Quality made in China for the Japan market.


Width - 36cm
Height - 42cm

Please note that there are no inner pockets inside this tote bag.

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