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Blade Sharpeners

Sharpen your knives, blades and scissors with ease using our line up of quality knife sharpeners, whet stone, oils stones, strops and accessories. Ensuring razor sharp blade every time.
Sunland Whet Stone Machine Oil for Knife Sharpening Oil Stones & Strops 100ml
Ensure your sharpening and stropping are done right with this oil stone and strop oil. Perfect for leather knives of all types, great for sharpening other knives too!
Forever Cera Ceramic Knife Sharpener Angled Whet Stone Made in Japan
This outstanding sharpener is great for all kinds of knives and scissors, in fact any kind of blade that needs sharpening! It comes with a knife rest that is angled for optimum sharpness and a high quality ceramic whet stone that's perfect for metal or ceramic blades.
Knife Scissors & Blade Sharpener Whet Stone Sharpening Tool
Convenient and easy to use this knife and scissor sharpener will help keep your blades sharp with a simple flick of the wrist, quality made in China for the Japan market.