Leather Craft Best Selection Vol.3 "SIMPLE GADGET" Leathercraft Book

This affordable yet high quality Studio Tac book gives great instructions on how to make three types of wallets. One of a series of three publications.

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This very modern Japanese leathercraft book gives excellent instructions on how to make the three billfold wallets as depicted on the cover of the book.

No more scratching around the Internet looking for dubious plans that have no measurements, or reading publications that are nearly half a century old! This book contains professionally designed plans for thoroughly modern wallets.

This book has been specially selected from dozens of publications for it's easy to follow pictures that give a step-by-step guide, this book also comes with detailed plans that include measurements, allowing you to complete the projects contained within, even if you don't understand Japanese.

This book is the final part in an excellent series of Studio Tac's 'Leathercraft Best Selection', collect all three volumes today!

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