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The founder, Shinichiro Teramoto, is the current president’s grandfather. He was born in Wakayama Prefecture and founded the company at the age of 20. The industry of household goods has been developing prosperously in Wakayama Prefecture since long time ago, and the founder Shinichiro Teramoto, who grew up in that place, also decided to start up his own business with the ambition to manufacture products that can be truly useful to the world and make customers satisfied.

Processed products, brooms and shikimono (things like carpets, mattings and rugs, etc.) made of palm fiber are main household necessities. Palms (hemp palms) belong to palmae family and there are many of them growing in Wakayama Prefecture. The dark brown fiber collected from trees is the best material for processing, because it’s hard to rot and excellent in elasticity. Local industries have close relationship with palms (hemp palms). The founder, Shinichiro Teramoto, also took his first step starting with producing and selling processed products made of palms (hemp palms).

Very early Teramoto knew how to capture changes of the new era, and started to carry out business for construction sites and building maintenance. It didn’t go well at first, but the company finally managed to survive with the determination that it would make great efforts until success. Increasing orders from customers came gradually. The sales department working in the front line received many requirements from customers, and this made product development more and more perfected. Fortunately, nowadays cleaning tools and entryway mats produced by Teramoto are regarded as standard in this industry and are widely used.