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Cleaning Supplies

Keep your home as clean as a whistle with these great cleaning products, designed for the Japan market whose denizens are famous for their cleanliness.
Tidy Bath Sponge Scourer Scrubber + Handle Replacement Spare Sponge
This standard sponge is compatible with both the Tidy Sponge long handled scrubber and the Tidy Handy heavy duty scrubber.
Tidy Handy & Sponge Scourer Scrubber Heavy Duty Replacement Spare Sponge
This heavy duty replacement sponge is compatible with both the Tidy Sponge long handled scrubber and the Tidy Handy heavy duty scrubber. Comes with a rough cleaning surface for more stubborn stains and scale.
Tidy Kop Handy Mop Duster Replacement Head Two Pack
This set of two Duster head replacement is for the Tidy Kop Handy Mop, sold separately.
Tidy Kop Roll Cleaner Sticky Adhesive Tape Two Pack Roll Replacement
This set of two adhesive roller replacement is for the Tidy Kop Roll, sold separately.
Keystone Japan Mount Fuji Cellulose Cotton Wiping Sponge Cloth 2-Pack Set
Keep your kitchen clean with these cute Mount Fuji sponge cloths. 100% biodegradable, and absorb 2-3 times more water than the average sponge.
Swippy Broom Dust Pan Set Vertical Small Soft Bristle Brush & Flexible Dustpan
This compact, elegant and colourful dustpan & brush is great for small jobs your regular brush and pan can't reach, use it for keyboards, on top of desks and anywhere a smaller head is required.
Tidy PlaTawa Toilet Brush Flexible Stylish Brush & Holder
This quality, Japanese made, toilet brush is not only compact and stylish, but has a flexible head, ensuring it can clean the inside rim of the toilet bowl.
Tidy Handy Sponge Heavy Duty Non-Scratch Scrubber Scourer + Handle Bath Kitchen
This quality, Japanese made bathroom scrubber is solidly made so you can apply maximum pressure to stubborn stains or scale. The replaceable sponge has a rough, non scratch edge to ensure maximum cleaning power.
Tidy Bath Sponge Scourer Non-Scratch Scrubber + Handle Cleaning Bathroom Kitchen
Clean your bathtub without getting your hands wet with this handy and stylish cleaning scrubber, comes with a flexible and sturdy aluminium handle and replaceable sponge, additional sponges sold separately.
Tidy Squeegee Silicone Squilgee Convenient Bathroom Cleaning Squimjim for Wiping
This handy and stylish, Japanese made squeegee that you can hang from towel rack and grab at a moments notice.
Tidy Bucket Cleaning Storage Bin Handle Lid Stackable Multipurpose Container 10L
This modular and stackable bucket, with a sturdy lid and handle, is great for not only household cleaning, but also as a tasteful, minimalist storage solution for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.
Tidy Kop Duster & Container Feather like Microfiber Dust Brush House Cleaning
This sleek and stylish duster and container is great for removing dust around the house. Elegant enough to store on your shelf in plain sight.
Tidy Kop Roll Cleaner Sticky Adhesive Tape Hair & Lint Remover Roller
Why hide your adhesive roller cleaner away when it can be a work of art on your bookshelf? This great cleaning roller comes in a sleek, fashionable container and has a stylish wooden handle.
I'mD RETTO Square Toilet Cleaning Brush & Box Black Green or White
Nobody wants to see a toilet brush, so why not hid it ways in the corner with the tasteful and minimalist square toilet brush and box stand set?
Tidy Dapper Short Broom & Dustpan Vertical Stylish Dust Pan & Brush
This stylish dustpan and brush is great for cleaning up around the home. Elegant enough to stand in the room or corner in plain sight,