Keystone Favori Grocery Delights Light Cotton Shopping Multi-Purpose Tote Bag

This handy tote bag is perfect for grocery shopping or carrying Japanese obentos. Let the unique design inspire you.

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This good-looking tote bag is ideal for trips to the grocery store. Made from durable cotton fibers, this bag is sturdy enough to carry your food but still light enough to make the journey nice and easy. Tote bags such as these are also popular for holding snacks or obentos - Japanese lunch boxes.

Simple to use, this bag is convenient and handy in many different ways. The design is a pleasant black on white, which allows it to match the rest of your outfits or accessories. This charming bag is easy on the eyes as well as the wallet. Quality made in China for the Japan market.


Width - 38.5cm
Height - 72cm

Please note that there are no inner pockets inside this tote bag.

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