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Craft Sha Leathercraft Burnishing Tool 10×92cm Leather Edge Polishing Canvas Slicker, to Burnish Flesh Side & Edges in Leatherwork

A simple yet highly effective way of burnishing the flesh side and edges of your leather. Simply cut a piece off and burnish as desired. Softened and woven for leathercraft burnishing.

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You're looking at a high-quality, canvas slicker from Craft Sha, designed to give you maximum burnishing effectiveness. Great for edges and the flesh side of the leather. This tool measures 10cm x 92cm, enough for many leather projects.

Simply cut a small square of canvas that best suits the application, use your favorite burnishing gum, apply pressure in a back and forth motion on the flesh side of your leather until smooth.

Best when used with Seiwa Burnishing Gum or Craft Sha Burnishing gum.

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Manufacturer Craft Sha
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 40 g