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+d h-Concept HIBY Card Holder Soft Silicone Namecard Credit Card Box Wallet

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This stylish and colourful card case is soft so it won't be uncomfortable in your pocket or tear the fabric of your clothing, yet hard enough to protect your cards from damage. Why carry name cards in your wallet, leading to them becoming crumpled and you displaying the contents of your private wallet? Alternatively, use this card case as a minimalist wallet to carry bank cards and cash.

The rounded portion of the cover lets your finger easily catch on, allowing for easy opening/closing with just one hand. Holds up to 40 business cards. Plus, you can see right through to the contents of the case ­­— allowing you to check if you are running low on cards.

Also highly recommended for credit cards or any plastic e-money cards you might want to keep handy (can hold up to 8).

Available in black, blue, green, orange and pink.


  • Width 62mm
  • Depth 13mm
  • Height 101mm

Card holders are frequently used for both personal and business matters. Yet, there are very few that are satisfactory. I’ve designed one that fits numerous cards and is at the same time simple and unique. The combination of differing materials forms an innovative lid that opens and closes in a unique way.

Written by Designer Shin-ichi Sumikawa

Please note, the purchase price covers a single card case in your choice of colour.

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1 piece
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