+d h-Concept MICHI-KUSA Flower Vase Mini Japanese Flower Arrangement Planter

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A small vase for arranging wildflowers. Pick a nameless wildflower from the side of the road or special place and place it in the vase with a little water. Bring the scent of the outdoors into your room. Flowers not included.

Available in sutble shades of blue, brown and green.


  • Width 67mm
  • Height 37mm
“MICHI-KUSA is the Japanese term for “flowers on the side of the road,” “wildflowers,” and “loitering.” This vase was designed with the hopes of providing a relaxing addition to your desk, so you can enjoy a brief pause during your hectic workday. With MICHI-KUSA, you can keep small flowers, large flowers, or even leaves by your side.

Written by the Designers: dmc.

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