+d h-Concept ORISHIKI Silicone Kitchen Pot Holder Insulation Placemat Coaster

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This non-slip, foldable silicone mat is great for preventing your pot from burning or scorching your table or countertop, but can also double as a mat for drying your cups and dishes, as well as a coaster when folded.

Fold it and unfold it to fit your needs. It’s a fun hot pot mat!

It can be folded up for compact, convenient storage, and the feel of its interlocking feet snapping together is almost addictively fun. It can even be used as a drainer or strainer. Just snap it open and it’s ready for use!

Comes in blue, brown, green, orange and white

W170×D170×H4mm (unfolded)
W85×D85×H16mm (folded)

I wanted to try making a hot pot mat that could be folded to 1/2 or 1/4 its original size, like a piece of origami paper. The underside is specially moulded to snap together and hold its shape when folded. Try folding and unfolding it into different shapes and sizes to discover new forms and functions!

Written and designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi. Please note purchase price includes a single mat, other items pictured are for illustrative purposes only.

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