Forever Cera DS201C Ceramic Knife Sharpener Angled Whet Stone Made in Japan

This outstanding sharpener is great for all kinds of knives and scissors, in fact any kind of blade that needs sharpening! It comes with a knife rest that is angled for optimum sharpness and a high quality ceramic whet stone that's perfect for metal or ceramic blades.

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You are looking at a compact, high quality knife sharpener made for both standard and ceramic knives.

Simply place your knife in the holder and run the blade back and forth over the edge, at a right angle relative to the length of the blade and parallel to the surface the holder is sitting on.

This Cerafine sharpener is made in Japan by Forever, a leading brand whose dedicated craftsmen make some of the best blades money can buy. Excellent for sharpening all of your knives, including your ceramic ones.

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