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Forever Cera TH-10 Titanium Folding Kitchen & Utility Knife 9cm Made in Japan

This handy folding pocket knife is excellent around the home as a utility knife or in the kitchen, the safety lock that holds the blade both open and closed is excellent for enhancing the safety of this knife.

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You are looking at one of the finest Titanium knives on the market today with a 9cm folding blade.

This Cerafine knife is made by Forever, a leading brand whose dedicated craftsmen make some of the best blades money can buy. Scientifically proven to be one of the sharpest available today and, unlike other brands, is made in Japan to the highest standards of quality.

This folding knife with lock is excellent for general uses around the house. Please note that about a centimetre of movement is normal once this blade is locked open.

Cera Titanium kitchen knives possess a unique combination of qualities: superior cutting edge retention,
lightness, rust resistance, antibacterial, flexibility, and biocompatibility.

Cera Forever Titanium knives are the only knives of their kind in the world because the titanium goes completely through the blade. Other ‘titanium’ knives simply have a surface titanium coating that will eventually peel off.

Titanium knives are available in blade sizes ranging from 10 to 22cm. The series includes multi-purpose Santoku knives and specialist meat, fish, and vegetable knives.

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