Birmy GP-210 Hand Metal Shears Heavy Duty Compound Snips Straight Cut

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This heavy duty, multi-purpose cutter is a must have in your shop.

The Birmy GP-210 Metal Shears Snips feature forged cutting heads for maximum usability and machined steel blades for precision cut.

The offset head and angled blades are helpful for making cuts in location where the user’s hands might get in the way or where the user doesn’t have a free hand to move the cut metal out of the way.

The longer blade length reduces cutting frequency for faster work; and its non-slip, serrated jaws to help hold material during cutting.

They are designed for use beyond the job site and are great for cutting aluminium, vinyl siding, screening, cardboard, leather, etc.

Approximate length:
6 × 2.5 × 21 cm

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