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P.Tool 155mm Precision Stainless Steel Jewellers Long Nose Pliers Wire Cutters, With Spring Loaded Handle, for Wire Craft & Jewelry Making

This all stainless steel precision made, long nose pliers with spring loaded handles and wirecutters, these pliers are an excellent addition to your took kit. Made in Japan.

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These outstanding long nose pliers with extra long handles and wire cutters are excellent for all kinds of applications where you need a quality tool to ensure precision results. Made in Japan from AISI 410 grade stainless steel, this outstanding tool has practically no play in the hinge and closes without the gaps associated with cheaper tools.

Able to access hard to reach places that regular long nose pliers can't, this tool is great for modelling, wire craft, jewellery making, or general uses around the home, these pliers will give you many years of service.


  • Length: 155mm
  • Weight: 60g

Item ID 20266
Condition New
Manufacturer P.Tool
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 120 g