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Glue, Treatments and Other Supplies

Find great treatments, adhesives and other chemicals for your wood working here.
Leathercraft Water Based Cement Craft Glue Leather Adhesive Bond 180ml
This general purpose adhesive is great for leather, but also perfect for wood, paper or other crafts, comes with a handy nozzle. Dries clear and hard.
Bond Konishi CH18 Woodworking Clear Adhesive Wood Glue and Craft Bond 500g
This 500g bottle Bond Konishi CH-18 is great for most woodworking projects. It is strong and dries translucent.
Bond Konishi Quick Easy Drying Clear Adhesive Wood & Craft Glue 500g
Lessen your waiting time and do more with the wood working. With the Bond Konishi Quick Dry Woodworking Glue, you can cut the waiting to half!
Cemedine AE 196 Multipurporse Woodwork Bond Clear Craft Adhesive Wood Glue 500g
This water-based adhesive is great for your woodwork, paperwork, and other handicrafts.
Cemedine CA-235 Quick Dry Professional Wood Work Adhesive Glue 500g
Superior in strength, durable and fast-drying. The Cemedine quick dry woodwork adhesive glue is essential with your woodworking needs.