Grassroad PMC Silver Clay Jewellery Push Mold Ellipse Tapered Ring Mould

This precision mould is great for ensuring your patterned ring comes out perfect every time. This solid plastic ring is extremely high grade, ensuring the highest detail with every impression made.

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This is plastic mould is for making PMC art clay jewellery (actual silver jewellery shown for illustration only, not included with listing).

Create your own jewellery for fun or profit! The ring measures 52mm x 100mm

Designed for silver or gold clay. Best when used with Mitsubishi PMC3, PMC Felx or PMC+. Simply lubricate the mould with PMC lubricant, place your silver of gold clay into the mould, remove and fire in a ceramic kiln or stove top kiln (each sold separately).

Please note this mould is not suitable for molten metal and can only be used with metal clay.

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