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Hasegawa 1/48 Air Kit 15C Eagle US Air Force Air Superiority Fighter 07249

Believe it, this could be the best F-15 Eagle model in the market. As Hasegawa sets their scale building kit standards to its highest, they have produced the PT49 F-15C Eagle. This superior jet plane is fantastically captured in this scale model. The parts are smooth and polished, with very good cockpit detail, waterslide decals that could provide two choices for option design. You could also opt for aftermarket additions if you choose. Get yours now!

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The F-15 Eagle was designed in response to a late 1960s USAF specification called F-X which was to replace the F-4 Phantom with the capability to dogfight as well as engage in beyond visual range engagements with radar guided missiles.

The F-15A first flew in 1972 and started joining operational squadrons in 1976. In the late 70s, the single seat F-15s were sold to Israel, who would be the first nation to fly the Eagle into combat, and then later to Saudi Arabia and Japan.

The F-15C variant was introduced in 1978 with a major upgrade in the mid 80s of the radar, electronics and engines including the ability to fire the AIM-120 series of missiles. It is equipped with two TF-100 engines (performance varying on model), can carry a warload of eight AAMs (AIM-120s, AIM-7Ms and or AIM9M/X) and a 20mm M-61 Vulcan Gatling gun in the starboard wingroot.

Decals contained are the markings of two planes from the USAF s 58th Fighter Squadron, the Gorillas.

The Hasegawa F-15 is a great, straight forward kit that has few vices (nose and canopy assembly in particular) and can be easily built by a modeler who has built a few kits. Buy this quality model kit today.

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