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Hasegawa JT14 09114 Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien 244th Fighter Group Tony 1/48 Model

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The 1/48 Hasegawa Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien "244th Fighter Group" is a static display model built with highly detailed, injection molded grey plastic parts with complete cockpit detail including walls and control panel, detailed engine and landing gear, authentic water decals, and illustrated assembly guide.

The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien is a Japanese World War II fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service. The Japanese Army designation was "Army Type 3 Fighter". This fighter aircraft was active in the war in the Pacific.

Code named “Tony” by the allied forces, was the only mass produced Japanese fighter aircraft was the only mass-produced Japanese fighter of the war to use a liquid-cooled inline V engine. Great efforts were made during its design to keep it light, and this produced a well balanced fighter interceptor, with good high altitude performance and maneuverability. Its only drawback was the engine, for which Japan had little knowledge of liquid engine design, production, or operation.

Over 3,000 Ki-61s were produced. Initial prototypes saw action over Yokohama during the Doolittle Raid on 18 April 1942, and continued to fly combat missions throughout the war.

This 244th Fighter Group was organised in April 1942, reorganised from 144th Sentai. The “Tony” served in The Philippines and New Guinea campaigns and in the air defense of mainland Japan.

Product Description
  • 1/48 scale for static display - Assembly Required
  • Complete cockpit detail including walls and control panel
  • Positional radiator exhaust door
  • Detailed engine and landing gear
  • Movable propeller
  • Wing mounted auxiliary fuel tanks
  • One waterslide decal sheet with markings for 3 options
    • 244th Flight Regiment, Capt Teruhiko Kobayashi, Shofu A.F. (January 1945)
    • 56th Flight Regiment, Saisyu Island (1944)
    • 18th Flight Regiment, Chofu A.F. (Summer 1944)
  • Aircraft and Detail Paint Colour
    • Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Steel, Flat Black, Red Brown, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Orange Yellow, Burnt Iron, Sandy Brown, Dark Green (Kawasaki), Propeller Colour, Tire Black
  • Fuselage : 18.2 cm
  • Wingspan : 24.8 cm
Made in Japan

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