Tidy Kop Roll Cleaner Sticky Adhesive Tape Hair & Lint Remover Roller

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Why hide your adhesive roller cleaner away when it can be a work of art on your bookshelf? This great cleaning roller comes in a sleek, fashionable container and has a stylish wooden handle. Perfect for picking up lint, pet hair or other particles not easily unseated by your vacuum cleaner or other means.

Great for your carpet, furniture or business suit.

The replaceable roller has measured strips that can easily be removed once spent, exposing a fresh surface underneath. Roller replacements are available separately.

Available in white, burgundy red, aqua blue and brown, purchase price is for a single Roll Cleaner and container in the colour of your choice.

Approximate dimensions (roller in container):
diameter 9.2 x Length 22cm
Adhesive roller:
3.8cm × width 8cm

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