Kakuri 8 pcs. Carving Chisel Set V U Bent Gouge, Skewed, Flat Wood Carving Tools

This excellent set of very high quality wood carving tools from Kakuri will give many years of service and is among the highest quality tools we have available.

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This high quality, Japan made Kaukri wood carving set has all you need to tackle mid sized wood carving projects with ease. Made from polished, high carbon steel these outstanding tools come with high quality synthetic handles that are firm, yet pliable, thereby offering outstanding rigidity, but will not slip in your hand like varnished wood or other synthetic handles. Manipulatable either in 'dagger' or 'pen and dagger' methods of use, this excellent set from the renown Kakuri company is among the best available today.

Please note the background grid in the picture is in square millimeters.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 170mm (varies slightly),
  • Shank and blade length: 110mm (varies slightly),
  • Bolster length: 33mm,
  • Handle width: 19mm (narrowest point) ~ 27mm (widest point),


This kit includes the following:


  • Flat chisel, 9mm
  • Flat chisel, 15mm
  • Shallow gouge, 9mm
  • Gouge, 9mm
  • Gouge, 12mm
  • V-Parting Tool, 9mm
  • Bent Gouge, 9mm
  • Skew Chisel, 9mm

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