Keystone Black Smoke Like A Chimney Engraved Ojisan Iron Ashtray

Throw all hesitation and inhibitions out the window and enjoy a smoke or two.

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This exceptional ashtray perfectly expresses the desire we all share at times. Thankfully with a durable iron ashtray like this, you can partake as freely as you like wherever you feel so inclined. Whether it's outside on a hot summer day or inside during a thunderstorm you can keep calm and enjoy a cigarette or two.

This fun iron ashtray can easily handle the heat of the ashes from your cigarette while still being easy to clean. Engraved on the bottom is Oji-san, a term in Japanese used to lovingly describe an uncle or grandfather. Quality made in China for the Japan market.

Diameter: 12.5cm
Height: 3.2cm

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