Keystone Favori Black White Cotton Camera Case Multi-purpose Pouch

This cute little cotton case will keep your camera nice and cozy when you aren't taking pictures.

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This cute little camera case will keep your camera safe and cozy when you aren't busy snapping pictures. Simply drop your camera inside, zip it up, and you are ready to safely stow it. It even comes with a cute camera design, making this fun case incredibly difficult to lose!

This lovely camera case is made of cotton, with a black print on it. It comes with a hoop on the side for easy storage and retrieval within a larger bag or backpack. While original designed as a camera case it could hold any amount of smaller items, such as hair accessories or beads. Quality made in China for the Japan market.

Approximate dimensions:

Width: 12cm
Depth: 3.5cm
Height: 8cm

Please note that there are no inner pockets.

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