Keystone Favori Black White Cotton Pencil & Pen Case Multi-purpose Pouch

Keep pencils, pens, or whatever writing utensils you need organized and ready to use.

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This nifty pencil case is excellent for storing not only pencils, but pens, erasers, glue, or whatever supplies you require throughout the day. It can be easily brought to and from school or used at the office. You can even use it as an organizer - keep one in your desk drawer or bag and you won't have to go hunting for the things you need.

Featuring a fun black print on off-white cotton, this stylish case also comes with a convenient zipper for safe storage. Keep the little things in your life organized with this great pencil case. Quality made in China for the Japan market.

Approximate dimensions:

Width: 18cm
Height: 8cm

Please note that there are no inner pockets.

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