Keystone Favori My Little Garden Light Cotton Shopping Multi-Purpose Tote Bag

Get inspired by the greenery of this cute tote bag. Useful for shopping, short trips, or going around town.

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This is a wonderful tote bag that you can use around the house. Use it to carry your garden supplies, stationary, or other household items. You can also take it around town when you are running errands. This superb bag is light but sturdy, so it can hold many objects without weighing you down.

The color is a subtle off-white complete with an attractive design. Perfect for you or that friend who loves gardening. Bring out the green thumb in you and show everyone how in tune you are with nature with this cotton bag. Quality made in China for the Japan market.


Width - 38.5cm
Height - 43cm

Please note that there are no inner pockets inside this tote bag.

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