Keystone Japan Mount Fuji Cellulose Cotton Wiping Sponge Cloth 2-Pack Set

Keep your kitchen clean with these cute Mount Fuji sponge cloths. 100% biodegradable, and absorb 2-3 times more water than the average sponge.

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Spruce up your kitchen with this fun Mount Fuji cleaning sponges. These cute sponge cloths are great for cleaning up messes quickly. They can absorb 2-3 times the normal amount of water, which makes them not only cute but effective.

These darling sponges are made of blended cotton, while the inside is 100% natural cellulose plant fibre. They are biodegradable, which makes them great for the environment as well. Remember to rinse them nicely after using them, and they'll last quite a while. Each set comes with 2, one in light blue and one in dark blue. Quality made in China for the Japan market.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width: 17cm
Length: 20cm

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