Keystone Marche Exceptionally Tailored Light Shopping Multi-Purpose Tote Bag

This lovely bag is "uniquely tailored" to suit your needs.

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What you see here is a super alluring tote bag that has an unlimited amount of uses. Try it when you are shopping or carrying things to and fro. Take it with you on the bus, train, or through a stroll downtown. You can even hang it up and let it be an organizer for accessories, toiletries, or even sewing materials. 

This bag is made of sturdy materials that will hold everything conveniently in one place. The handles are at an ideal length, making it easy to hold or allowing it to hang nicely. See what this incredible tote can do for you. Quality made in China for the Japan market.


Width - 38cm
Height - 42cm

Please note that there are no inner pockets inside this tote bag.

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