Keystone Mercury Medium Oval Plastic Lined Canvas Foldable Storage Wide Bucket

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Get rid of the dull brown cardboard boxes that you always hide away from guests, and get the Keystone Mercury Oval Canvas Storage Bucket to help you organise towels, toys, books, scarves and other household items. With its industrial, modern and stylish design you do not need to be shy about them on the ground or wherever it is in the house.

The storage bucket is made of durable canvas and has waterproof plastic lining which makes it last longer than other storage container, saving you money and effort from moving items to a new box. And its folding design takes up little space when not in use. 

Available in black, camel, grey, and khaki.

Purchase price includes one Keystone Medium Oval Plastic Lined Canvas Foldable Storage Bucket in the colour of your choice. Other items pictured are for illustrative purpose only and are not included.

Approximate Dimension:
Height : 24 cm
Width : 43 cm
Depth : 33 cm

Quality made in China for the Japan market.

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