Sugimoto CM4040 Chopper Stainless Steel Japanese Cleaver Kitchen Knife 19cm x 7cm |

Sugimoto CM4040 Chopper Stainless Steel Japanese Cleaver Kitchen Knife 19cm x 7cm

This heavy, professional, Chinese styled cleaver is great for hacking and slicing through all kinds of meat and vegetables Made in Tsukiji, Japan by professional craftsmen this blade is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

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You are looking at a brand new hand crafted CM4040 kitchen knife from Sugimoto-Hamono, of Tsukiji, Japan, home of Tokyo's famous fish markets.

Forged from a single piece of high grade stainless steel, this compact double bevel meat and vegetable cleaver is of amazing quality and strength, perfect for professional kitchens or at home, this Japanese made chopper is styled on the traditional Chinese form, but has a highly tempered core with an annealed outer coat, ensuring this knife will stay sharp and last many years. The blade of this knife has been hand forged from High Grade Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Stainless Steel and measures 19cm long on the cutting edge and 7cm in height. The thinnest part of the non-bevelled blade is 1.5mm, the spine of the blade is 2.5mm.

This outstanding Japanese knife is, quite simply, one of the best knives you will own.

Sugimoto-Hamono crafts all their knives by hand, using the finest steel, to the highest standards and techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Purveyor of knives to the famous sushi restaurants and the frenetic fish markets of Tsukiji, all blades are of the finest materials, craftsmanship and quality control, and are offered to you here for the first time.

All Sugimoto knives have a manufacturers warranty against faulty workmanship, so you can rest assured that your knife will be repaired or replaced should it not perform to the highest of standards expected of all Sugimoto professional products.

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Manufacturer Sugimoto-Hamono
Manufacturing country Japan
1 piece
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