Knife Scissors & Blade Sharpener Whet Stone Sharpening Tool

Convenient and easy to use this knife and scissor sharpener will help keep your blades sharp with a simple flick of the wrist, quality made in China for the Japan market.

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This convenient 15cm coated metal shaft sharpening tool is excellent for quickly sharpening your blades precisely and accurately.

Unlike cheaper V shaped sharpeners, this tool can be positioned to the exact angle of the bevel of your blade where the fine grit of the sharpener can properly shape your blade along it's correct and consistent cutting bevel.

Simply run the sharpener at an angle that matches the bevel briskly along the blade, moving from back to front (not up and down), until sharp. Stropping is recommended after sharpening to hone your blade. The wearing of sturdy gloves are recommended to prevent possible injury when dealing with blades.

Quality made in China to the exacting standards of the Japanese market, this quality tool is perfect for scissors, sickles, kitchen and utility knives. Great to have in the garden with you to sharpen garden shears.

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