Kori Seiki Precision Dial Calliper for Measuring Leather Thickness Made in Japan

This highly accurate Kori Seiki dial callipers are perfect for measuring the thickness of your leather or other materials, to an accuracy of 0.05mm. Comes in an impact resistant box.

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This high quality precision Dial Callipers are made in Japan by Kori Seiki, a company dedicated to mechanical and digital measuring devices.

These purpose built, high precision measuring callipers are an excellent way of quickly measuring the thickness of leather, fabric, paper, metal or any other kind of material of thicknesses up to 1cm in increments as precise as 0.05mm.

To adjust simply turn the threaded clamp with a pair of pliers until the dial reads zero when closed.

Compact and convenient these callipers are precision made from the highest quality parts and material, ensuring years of reliable service. Comes in an impact resistant plastic case.

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