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Kyoshin Elle Japanese Leathercraft Tool Diamond Point Hole Punch Stitching Awl 2mm, with Wooden Handle, to Pierce Holes in Leather

This sharp and fine leather stitching awl tool by Kyoshin Elle, with its elegant wood handle, is made from high quality materials, and will ensure excellent diamond holes in your leathercraft creations. It is also available in large variant.

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This durable Kyoshin Elle Diamond Point Punch Leather Stitching Awl is the perfect tool for stitching fine and precise diamond holes in your leathercraft projects. It features a wooden handle that designed to fit perfectly in hand and slightly flattened to avoid sliding off when placed on a flat surface, a ferrule that prevents the handle from splitting while holding the shank in place, and a sharp Japanese blade that creates diamond shape holes which makes it easier to stitch through and leaves the leather flatter once punched.

With this superior quality diamond point leather stitching awl, you can create amazing diamond shaped holes in your leather work such as belts, wallets, and other leather crafts with just applying enough pressure and control to ensure correct hole width. The flat sides of the handle is also created so you can orient the diamond blade by feel or at a glance, helping you to produce more consistent leather stitching holes..

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Blade Width - 2mm
  • Total Length - 125mm

To use this Leather Stitching Awl, first, mark stitching lines using stitching groover or any similar tool for creating stitching lines. Then create evenly spaced stitching holes using an overstitch wheel. Once you've done all of that, use your leather stitching awl to punch a hole on each of the stitching marks made by the overstitch wheel. Hold the awl perpendicular to the leather then carefully push the tool down to punch holes on the leather. Place a poundo board or any similar material underneath the leather so you won't damage the tip of the awl.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep away from reach of children.

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