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Seiwa Leathercraft Spoon Shaped & Ball Point Stylus Dual Ended Modeling Tool, for Embossing, Carving, and Molding Leather

Model and splice your leather with this quality tool, made from quality metals the ball point stylus and spoon will ensure excellent results for your leathercraft every time. Works great with PMC and silver clay as well!

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You're looking at a brand new Leather Modelling Tool, indispensable for leather carving, splicing, moulding, embossing, etc. The ball point stylus and spoon are composed of high-quality metals, ensuring consistently good results for your leathercraft.

One end has a rounded spoon, great for shading and extenuating lines, the other end has a ball point stylus for making intricate line impressions. This tool is designed for leathercrafting, so it's built tough and is precision made, but it's also great for shaping wax or PMC Silver Clay.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 17cm
  • Ball Point Stylus Length: 30mm
  • Rounded Spoon Length: 30mm

Item ID 20399
Condition New
Manufacturer Seiwa
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 40 g