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Seiwa Leathercraft Water Based Urethane Thick Leatherwork Finishing Agent High Gloss Enamel Lacquer, for Untreated Vegetable Tanned Leather

Give your leatherwork a tough and durable finish with this glossy enamel lacquer finish. More hard wearing and thicker than other lacquers, this enamel is perfect for your hardest wearing products and is the toughest leathercraft finish we have in our range.

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You're looking at 100ml (3.4 fluid ounces) of Seiwa Leather finish water based enamel. Thicker than other finishes, this enamel lacquer will leave a strong, flexible enamel surface on your leatherwork that's tougher than lacquer, giving your leathercraft a tough protection and rich shine.

Perfect for key chains, leather buckles or leather that will see heavy duty use, but great for any application you'd use regular lacquer for.

Simply apply to your leather with a brush, as needed, after dyeing your leather and, for best results, after applying a foundation binder. Allow to dry.

Designed for untreated vegetable tanned leather, this product will not work on factory finished leather products, waterproofed leather, lacquered leather, oil leather or chrome tanned leather.

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Manufacturer Seiwa
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 150 g