Seiwa Leathercraft Wax Lacquer Antique Varnish Finish for Leather 100ml

This waxed based leather lacquer will protect and give your leather an antique finish that's perfect for your bridle or standard vegetable tanned leather. Get this great leathercraft lacquer now, you won't be disappointed. Comes in 100ml and 250ml bottles!

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This 100ml Seiwa leather varnish will give you the antique gloss coating while also protecting the leathercraft from the usual wear and tear. This lacquer leaves a mild gloss finish that is somehow colorless, and is best suited for equestrian leather

To use it, simply clean your leather and apply multiple coats to your leather work with a brush or an airbrush before buffing. 

This antique leather wax can also be applied to bridle leather. It is available in 100ml and 250ml bottles, and is designed for untreated vegetable tanned leather. Also, this lacquer will not work on factory finished leather products, oil leather, or chrome tanned leather.

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