Craft Sha Leathercraft 16x19mm E696 Zodiac Sign Aquarius Leather Stamping Tool | Goods Japan

Craft Sha Leathercraft 16x19mm E696 Zodiac Sign Aquarius Pattern Leather Carving Stamping Tool Custom Shape Leatherworking Stamp

This quality, chrome plated stamp is intricately designed and quality made in Japan. Every stamp comes complete with integral, full length handle and is perfect for stamping tooling leather.

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If you need a stamping tool to help you achieve high-quality stamp designs on your water-cased leather, get yourself this zodiac sign Aquarius pattern leather stamp. This craft tool draws its strength from its conventional design and integral handle.

Take your vegetable-tanned leather and case it with water using a high-density foam sponge. Stamp your leather by striking the stamp on it using a soft-headed hammer.

The titles and dimensions of the stamping tools might appear similar but do have subtle differences in aspects such as shape. Use the provided pictures to differentiate the stamps.

The image of chrome stamp(s) is for illustrative purposes only. The sizes included in the titles have been rounded off to the nearest millimetre.

Item ID 19289
Condition New
Manufacturer Craft Sha
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 40 g